Tumblr and Line Phone


1. Not to be meta, but I think Tumblr was well-designed.  In interviews with founder David Karp, he talks a lot about catering to the site’s feelings as well as those of the users.  Because one of the site’s goals is to facilitate free expression, users are encouraged to click heart icons to reblog and express their approval of community members’ posts.  It’s an upbeat and refreshing alternative to the  traditional +1 or liking that is seen in some other sites.  Additionally, customizable themes and layouts make the site desirable to use too.

2.  In 2011, a tech company came out with a “Line Phone” seen here (http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2011/01/20/coolest-concept-phone-from-china-ever/).  It was a mobile sized device with phone and tablet functionality.  By lining up phones next to each other, users could interact with each other with increased total screen size  (have seen a few iPhone apps that accomplish this since then but props for being a forerunner).  It was also cool in that users could perform functions through the touchscreen interface on the sides of the phone (see video for deeper explanation).


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