Designed for Desirability: Twitter & Rolex

by post_author

Twitter logoTwitter is incredibly desirable because it connects users to people with whom they would not normally interact. They can feel one degree of separation to those athletes, public figures, and celebrities that they admire. It also allows users to express themselves and “follow” the causes or figures that are important to them–in this way, it’s building a personal network with which you can really identify. In addition, the potential of one tweet’s impact on social movements, political campaigns, etc. is incredibly powerful. Often, I think people have a desire to contribute to something larger than themselves, and Twitter truly affords its users that opportunity.

The design of a Rolex timepiece is classic, sleek, and simple. The innovative mechanical self-winding movement is a novel type of technology that other watches lack. It is often depicted in popular culture as a piece of jewelry that celebrities own, which adds to the social credit associated with the Rolex–basically, it is a high end watch that everyone cannot afford. Therefore, there is a sense of exclusivity attached to it, and people have a desire to be a part of that.

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