Designing for desirability

by post_author

The Wall Street Journal iPad app:
This app is well-designed and desirable because it makes the user feel as though he/she is reading a physical newspaper even though it is actually in digital form. This is accomplished by laying out articles in a format similar to the way the front page of a newspaper section might look. In addition, the user can flip between sections or go to the next page of an article with the swipe of a finger, similar to the way one might flip the page of a newspaper. This is not only visually appealing (no need for ugly “back” buttons), but it is also easy to use. (This can be contrasted with other news apps like the Economist which has a comparatively poor design that is more similar to a file folder than a newspaper or magazine). 
Taza chocolate discs:
The design of Taza chocolate bars are desirable for several reasons. First, they are round in shape, which makes them stand out to consumers from among all the other rectangular chocolate bars. This makes them visually different, but it is also a convenient size and shape. Second, once the bar is opened, it breaks easily into pie-shaped pieces, which is appealing to consumers because it is both easy to eat and easy to share. This combines a functionality similarly found in other chocolate bars with a unique shape which consumers may appreciate. On the outside of the package, the logo includes a cacao bean, which emphasizes the close connection between the bean and the chocolate and will particularly appeal to consumers who care about fair trade. 

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