Design For Desirability

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Desirable Products


1) Tamagotchi –

I believe the success of the Tamagotchi is a result of their ability to create a product that mimicked closely the qualities of another product, but was significantly cheaper. Tamagotchi’s are a lot like real pets, such as cats and dogs, in that they consist of a creature which requires attention, food, and water, which will grow up, and who’s characteristics are defined by the way in which it was taken care of as an adult. What made the Tamagotchi so popular, however, was the idea that children could have a pet – or multiple – without all the added stress and cost to the parents who were required to take care of them. There were no added costs of food, shelter, exercise, or damage to the house, and there were almost no repercussions of not paying enough attention to the pet. The Tamagotchi was able to take  a “luxury product”, the pet, and scale it down to a more affordable and manageable product.



2) Slinky –

One of the key selling points of the slinky was its ability to walk down the stairs. This feature was achieved by multiple redesigns of the slinky’s shape, size, composition, etc., and was a completely novel toy idea. In addition, the elegantly simple design, and a therefore relatively cheap price and quick-to-make product, made the manufacturing of the Slinky easier and the profits from the Slinky greater. The simple design also allowed the slinky to be used in multiple applications, including using them as holders of fixtures. The integration of Slinkies into more than just the toy market, allowed it to remain a successful product.



The IMAX theater is a large domed screen on which a movie can be played in high definition. The reason the IMAX was successful, was its ability to achieve a full, immersive movie experience. Prior to the IMAX things have been done to immerse the audiences in movies, such as surround sound, or even special effects mounted on the seats in the theater. The IMAX, however, was able to provide visual immersion, such that the audience could not only sense their surroundings through sound, but visually as well. This allowed much more information to be conveyed to the audience, and made it much easier to “trick” the audience into feeling as if they were a part of the film. The IMAX is particularly useful for nature-based movies to increase the effect of awe-inspiring landscapes, but has also recently been used to display dramatic and action-packed films in which surrounding the audience elevates the thrill.

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