Design for Desirability

by post_author

1.     EcuoCan

I find the EcuoCan to be a desirable product due to its form and its function.  It is easily recognizable as a can so that you expect the top tab to be able to be flipped open.  However, it also suggests that it is more than a disposable soda can by its colorful skin that suggests that it is for the young populations.  It does a good job of market positioning because it also appeals to the environmentally aware by showing that it is “reusable recyclable compostable”, in case the name “ecuocan” was not clear enough.  The product can be used to hold soda and keep it cold or to hold warm beverages such as coffee.  Its lid also screws on and off for easy cleaning and refill.  No wonder why it won the 2010 iF Design Award for China.

2.     VOID Watch

The VOID watch is an example of a product that has taken aesthetics from another product type and reapplied it in a way that creates a dialogue with the latter.  Designed by David Ericsson, its name VOID suggests its architectural nature.  The minimalist steel box design is furthered by the window allowing the wearer to see only half of the watch’s face, suggesting an interior that is obscured from the outside, a void.  The watch takes one element from architecture and repurposes it in an effective manner that creates a product that stands out on its own but gains more meaning in connection with its source of inspiration.

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