Instagram – Designed specifically for mobile in mind, Instagram allow users to share photos and connect with each other in a very user-friendly way. Some of Instagram’s design decisions include: the stitching of photos, an innovative way of combining photographs from a similar experience; a beautiful news feed, vibrant and full of color; a responsive heart for liking a photo, allowing the user to interact with the app using gestures that wouldn’t be as clearly defined on the web; the utilization of side swipe to comment; and application of filters in the image preview mode. All of these elements are unique to the mobile app experience and contribute to Instagram’s growing popularity.

Coca-Cola “contour bottle” – The contour bottle is a beautiful, recognizable container that has become a large part of the Coca-Cola brand. It is ergonomically designed to easily fit in your hand, and it is recognizable not only by sight, but also by the shape and feel of the bottle. The more recently introduced aluminum version of the can also captures the shape of the original glass bottle, but also in a sleeker design. In addition, the contrasting colors of red and gray on the bottles make it a fun experience for the user. Thus, the bottle is certainly desirable because of its iconic status and fun colors as well as its ergonomic and recognizable design.

Craigslist – Craigslist, an online listings site, has kept nearly the same original design for over a decade. The lowercase letters and text-based postings convey a sense of informality and simplicity. Craigslist is an example of a site that caters to their original audience, and conveys its desirability through its simple, unique, and recognizable design.

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