Designing for Desirability

by post_author


Square is an iPad/iPhone attachment that allows credit/debit cards transactions to occur without having to have a full cashiering system. It’s been made desirable by small businesses & personal business owners as a way to bridge the gap between large corporations and bypassing the need to ask for cash payments. This has not only allowed for an expansion of smaller businesses to compete better with their corporate counterparts but also allowed for mobile transactions during fairs, festivals, shows, etc.

Keurig Coffee

Keurig coffee has become desirable as a way to have personalized designer coffee at the comfort of ones home. Similar to how Starbucks has paved the road for coffee bars with a designer coffee feel, Keurig has also become desirable as a way to replicate the experience at home. It’s simply designed and easy to use, and allows the user to feel like they can customize their coffee or tea experience at home. It also allows for a social interaction to happen since friends can gift each other with k-cups of their favorite coffees or teas.


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