d4d 1.30.13

by post_author

herbal essences-

-a brand of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products designed to be desired and make its users feel more desirable. 

-different, fun, bold names and types to make consumers feel like they are cared for and special. you and your hair texture/desired hair are unique. find your “perfect match” e.g., smooth and shine, totally twisted, tousle me softly, long-term relationship, etc.

-advertising aimed at teens/20somethings to add sex appeal, fun, and organic/health

-bottles are designed for easy use (upside-down to promote easy dispensing, curved shape adds to sexy design, paired together to get consumers to buy shampoo&conditioner as a pair


-a product line of stylish athletic/yoga clothes for women (and men) that people can/want to wear outside the gym

-healthy, active, mindful, a new type of exercise (yoga) to promote overall health and wellness

-sleek design and branding to emphasize beauty of curves; hidden pockets to make workouts/traveling/life easier

-lower intensity, lower stress, more motivation

-emphasis on quality, care, and love translates to quality, care, and love for its customers

-inclusivity and social aspect- mottos include promotion of friendship, sweating together, dancing together

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