Desirable Products

by post_author

Beats Headphones

Thought over-priced, these headphones are desirable especially when targeted towards the new and younger generations. With pop-cultural influences and consumers’ brand-name obsessions, these headphones have become a fashion piece and a life-style that users are proud to own. The simplicity and vividness of the design and colors of the headphones also converge greatly with the popular design concepts nowadays, making technology artistic and cool, which appears to many.

Student info:

Mimi Xu 


These are desirable functional products redesigned. It became popular through ridiculous advertisements, and somehow gained fame with the almost joke-like nature of the product. People love them as gifts because they will never go wrong for it was invented from a very useful and common product that everyone owns. But at the same time it is consumer-targeted to make the mundane and boring product seem creative and fun (blankets with sleeves!!!). 

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