Desirable objects

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Chanel suit

            Chanel’s products, specifically her suits, were extremely desirable because they broke the constructs of modern gender roles. Chanel released women from corsets and put them in recontextualized men’s clothing, while still attaining a feminine aesthetic. She had a huge influence on the flapper culture of the 1920’s. Her fashion designs not only changed the way women dressed but also how they acted. Her designs were desirable because women felt beautiful and comfortable in her clothes. The fabrics she used were sturdy and proper. They were tailored to the female frame but put women on equal ground to men. These elegant, yet casual clothes, allowed women to let their guard down and form an identity separate from that of their husband’s counterpart. This idea sparked a revolution. The desirable aspect of Chanel’s suit was the opportunity to free the body and the spirit.



Street Style Blogs

            Street style blogs, or blogs that document candid pictures of pedestrians’ clothing, are desirable because they create a context to viewing practical fashion. Most people do not have access to watch fashion shows or buy designer brands. People mix expensive pieces with more affordable clothing. Many of these blogs do not inform the viewer of the subject’s clothing brands. They are desirable because they offer instant inspiration for viewers. Because the photographed people are not models on a runway, the context allows the viewer to relate more with the subject. They can more easily picture themselves wearing these objects or in these situations. The blogs are also desirable because they can be updated everyday. A viewer quickly sees the latest update, or he can spend hours sifting though a blog’s archives. They differ from fashion magazines in this respect. 

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