Exceptional Design: Nike Fit and Paper App

by post_author
Nike Fit
The Nike Fit is exceptionally well designed for desirability because of its capture of three elements: self, simplicity and style. First, its basic premise personal data collection, which we inherently desire to flatter or improve ourselves. Secondly, has a simple single-button interface, reminding the user of everyone’s other favorite desireable design, the iPhone. Finally,
the product is not only a piece of technology, but a fashion accessory as well, removing any potential stigma or baggage that other personal data-collection devices may be associated with (pedometers, anyone?).
Paper App
The Paper app is also well designed for desireability. It enhances the utility of a piece of equipment that many people already own (the iPad) into a more versatile version of another basic cultural staple – pen and paper. The design is clean and there are no visible tools, but a quick tutorial on gestures at the edge of a screen that resemble real-life motions is all it takes to become acquainted (pulling up a drawer of writing instruments, for example). As a result, the product has been critically acclaimed as ‘App of the Year’ and become even more desirable since.
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