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Under the guidance of ex-mayor, Sergio Farjado, Medellin transformed from a city ruled by drug lords to one renowned for culture and progress. In Santo Domingo, one of the most dangerous slums in Medellin, the government sponsored a large park and library space designed by Giancarlo Mazzanti, an architect who believes quality of space improves quality of life.  “People who say that a beautiful building doesn’t improve education don’t understand something critical. The first step toward quality education is the quality of the space. When the poorest kid in Medellín arrives in the best classroom in the city, there is a powerful message of social inclusion.” Three connecting towers hold a library, a children’s play space, workshop rooms, and an auditorium. The space has changed the neighborhood and created a “pride of place.” Indirectly, the buildings have helped reduce crime, increase the number of students in higher education, and social mobility.

 These buildings are designed purposefully and meant to be desired by the local community. They speak to the community, evoking feelings and a dialogue thats intangible.  

Moleskin Notebooks

Plain, basic, but classy. Moleskin notebooks create what space seeks to represent: an area for design and captured feelings. Writing in these notebooks somehow (because of their story) makes you feel connected to great thinkers, and that makes them desirable. I think the term, ‘designed’ is a bit stretched because they are so simple. However, these notebooks also communicate to others around you something about you. If you haven’t told someone else your narrative, then they will assume it for you and I think the moleskin’s design of secrecy and intimacy leads to a very specific assumption. Secrecy or mystery are desired characteristics, and I think the moleskin romanticizes both. 

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