by post_author

+flipboard+ smartphone/tablet application

  •  specifically designed to integrate well with iPhone/iPad, capitalizes on “swiping” motion distinct to apple products, but expands and develops new “flipping” motion
  • easy to personalize based on tastes…filters through your most looked at boards to form “top stories,” very intuitive feel
  • solve the issue of convenience/time, too much social media–> unifies your social media/new/blogs in one place


  • hash tags make information searchable and creates an insider language that is NOT so intuitive, but catchy
  • real-time information–> you can find out about current events/news before they are verified, in this way everyone is an “insider”
  • “followers” give status and affirmation to tweets/thoughts/pictures that are posted by users

#a.alvarez #assignments #desirability 

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