Beats and Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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In today’s society there are certain products, services, and apps that are exceptionally well designed for desirability.  One of the most recent and updated products that are becoming increasingly popular is Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.  These headphones are not particularly special; they are simply solid-colored plastic headphones that go around one’s head.  However blasé they may seem, it is that ‘simplicity’ factor that is appealing to the general public and intended consumer base.  As a teenager, college student, and varsity athlete, I know that I would look awesome wearing these headphones because they have a certain ‘coolness factor’ due to the simplicity and modernity of the style and solid color.  Speaking as one voice for my general peers and teammates, if I look cool I therefore have a better reputation, and will have some sort of intimidation factor that is key in competitive sports.  Because of the sheer size, the headphones are making a statement and a loud noise, literally and figuratively. 


Another product that is extremely successful due to its desirable design is Ray-Ban sunglasses.  Ray-Ban sunglasses are designed for desirability in a similar way that Beats By Dr. Dre headphones are successful.  This product is simple, a solid-color, and has that specific ‘coolness factor’.  The ‘coolness factor’ in this case is due to the chic, vintage look of the sunglasses.  In addition, because the sunglasses are so simple, their functionality and frequency of functionality is increased.  The sunglasses can be worn with anything.  They provide the style and accessory aspect of sunglasses rather than only the functionality of sunglasses (blocking the sun).  Consumers are most likely going to sacrifice a small amount of quality of functionality if there is a highly desirable design.  

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