Designed for Desirability

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Nike Flyknit

Nike Flyknit

The Nike Flyknit shoe features lightweight stitching to create the shoe upper and a clean firm sole that contrasts with the multicolor digital pattern up top. There are several features of the Flyknit shoe that make it desirable: it appears to be quite comfortable with its apparent softness in the upper and solid supporting sole, comes in a range of interesting color combinations that are typically associated with the more experimental and “high-tech” of Nike’s products, many Olympic athletes and “tastemakers” in the fashion industry have been seen and photographed wearing them with a range of outfits from casual to formal. The latter reason gives the shoe the aspirational appearance of versatility and capitalizes on the trend of wearing casual running sneakers (frequently seen from late Summer 2012 on).


Letterpress is a word game app on the iPhone that uses a 5 by 5 square of letters that players use to make words and capture territory. Colored territory changes brightness according to which player has control of the surrounding letters. The app is exceptionally well designed for desirability for a number of reasons: an easy to learn set of rules, a simple interface that is beautiful in its minimalism but doesn’t ignore key details that enhance the game’s playability, and the range of possibilities in terms of challenges presented by different players. Additionally, the app has no advertisements that break up the experience or the visuals of playing and follows the freemium model, making it appear quite inexpensive (and thus having a low entry cost) to get started playing (although the final price of the full app is only $.99).  


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