Desirable Objects

by post_author

Warby Parker:

The branding is a comprehensive package. The company markets their eyewear as an alternative to a traditionally overpriced and boring product. On top of that they have partnered with nonprofits to ensure that every pair of glasses sold will be matched by a pair donated to someone in need. Already the product is desirable, just in concept. Moreover, the design of the frames is vintage inspired which is very on trend. Warby Parker has a seamless online interface that allows you to create quick visualizations mocking up the product on your face. If that isn’t enough they created a home try-on program that sends five frames of your choice to your doorstep free of charge. Convenient, affordable, and fabulous.

Fujifilm X100:

In the digital age it is interesting that we are so drawn to retro inspired designs – especially when it comes to electronics. This state of the art camera could, at first glance, be mistaken for an old-stlye rangefinder. The retro photograph has been a widespread phenomena spread by instagram and apps like hipstamatic. This camera, however, does not create toy camera Holga-like images. The lens and viewfinder pack the punch of a full-frame camera; an SLR in a compact package. The camera encompasses the best of both worlds: state of the art technology with more than a hint at nostalgia. You can take professional photos with ease but have the choice to play around with manual settings (or at least look like you know how to use them).

Beats Headphones:

Headphones have become a fashion accessory. Whether you are sitting in Starbucks or walking down the street – having recognizable headphones has become a desirable epidemic. I think it started with the white ipod headphones. That was the moment that headphones became an accessory that identified a person as ipod user/mac person. Since then various brands have gone viral – skull candy, bose, and beats to name a few. The thing with Beats is that they have an endorsement that you can’t help but trust. As a fixture in the music industry, Dr. Dre is an ideal face for a headphone company. The little b logo on the ear is just crisp and clean enough to create a presence. This product made over the ear headphones desirable again.

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