Desirable Products

by post_author

Garen Gary Srapyan

ES22 Design Survivor


The Fifty Shades of Grey Secret  
One product that has been exceptionally well designed for desirability is the romance novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” by E L James. The trilogy has sold over thirty-one million copies worldwide and has become a highly successful franchise of books, movies, television shows, and memorabilia. There are a few key reasons for the high desirability of this product. There are many allegations that the story is modeled after the “Twilight” franchise and is geared towards a more underrepresented demographic ─ middle-aged women. What the author did was analyze the success of an existing franchise, and reinterpreted it to represent a completely new demographic ─  while still maintaining the core idea. The book identified a problem and proposed itself as a viable solution (i.e. emotional promise and emotional benefit and satisfaction.)  


The In N-Out-Burger Phenomenon
Another product that is highly desirable is the west coast food chain, “In-N-Out Burger.” The west coast chain started as a small family burger joint and has still maintained the same menu and look since its opening in 1948. The product is desirable because it has an exclusivity factor that many other products do not have. When people know that a particular product is not easily accessible, it becomes a little more desirable (the child doing what he is told not to do phenomenon). The ingredients are simple ( burger, fries, and drink), plain, and have remained like that since it first opened in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California. The company doesn’t rely on heavy advertising because their product speaks for itself. The company has focused on the notion of “word of mouth” and the desirability of celebrities to market their product. The brand has become a cult/way of life for the west coast region.



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