Desirability #HHaines

by post_author


I think Pinkberry is a great example of a product that has great appeal based on the resultant sudden popularity of frozen yogurt that occurred when Pinkberry entered the dessert market. They created a store that was very modern, clean, and efficient that made customers feel like they were eating something very healthy. The design of the store paralleled the design of the product- something that was fresh, new, and healthy. Because the store paralleled their product, there was a new demand not only for the product of frozen yogurt, but also for the experience of buying at Pinkberry, which initially made it harder for competitors to enter the market.  However, once other companies determined how the design of Pinkberry stores attracted customers, they were able to quickly copy Pinkberry.  Despite the competition, I believe Pinkberry was able to establish frozen yogurt as both healthy and hip by designing their store and service in way that emphasized these factors which in the eyes of consumers made frozen yogurt much more desirable.


            Southwest is another company that provides a pretty standard product, but was able to change the design of its service to create demand for its offering. I think what allows Southwest to be desirable is that they maintain a consistent theme across all aspects of their service. For example, their website is very easy to use, which is consistent with their check in process. There design of the check in process is very simple, and the necessary objects for that process are very nicely designed. This is unlike many other airline companies’ service. By creating a service that matches their product (an efficient airline), they were able to gain people’s trust and business.


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