Desirable objects! Jan 30, 2012

by post_author

1) Berg little printer: (see attached video)

This little blue tooth receipt printer is a simple concept. In the promotional video, the cute and well-executed design is shown off. Everything from the face-like interface to the red feet are aesthetically pleasing design choices. While buying a printer is not something I think I need, after watching the youtube video for the little printer, it illustrates novelty functionality that I didn’t know I desired. I think the branding, functionality, nostalgia and ‘cuteness’ makes it desirable.

2) DEKO Background App for IphoneDEKO

This is an Iphone app that lets you customize abstract patterns with the swipe of a finger. I first noticed it when saw an interesting geometric pattern on a friend’s Iphone. I saw how beautiful the background was and I wanted a similar one. Its desirability lies in its ease of use and simplicity. It lets you create ‘personalized’, aesthetically pleasing backgrounds with the swipe of a finger in a game like manner. 

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