Desirability Examples – Melody Wu

by post_author

Melody Wu




Evernote is desirable because it is a note-taking app that synchronizes between all your devices. You can begin taking notes on your laptop and pick up where you left off on your smartphone wherever you are. The synchronization happens so seamlessly and quickly that you won’t notice a lag time in between classes or meetings. This app also allows you to organize your notes in different notebooks so you can separate personal notes from lecture notes and notes from different classes. It automatically backs up on an online server so users don’t need to worry about losing their documents. Evernote really encompasses all the criteria that a student needs in a note-taking device.


iPhone wristlet case

An iPhone wristlet is desirable because it holds everything that one needs when he/she goes out. It is consisted of a phone case and several cardholders. People can put their iPhone along with their credit card, IDs, and membership/reward cards all in one place and they don’t have to carry a bag around as a result. This is perfect for college students for meal and class times. This is also great for people when they go to social gatherings in which carrying a bag would be a hassle.


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