New York Times Subscription #DEvdokimova

by post_author

NYTIMESNY Times has the best design among most well known news engines (have you seen It’s very minimalistic and easy to use and their traditional typeface keeps it authentic. Another nice detail is that the way their articles are located on page reminds of their actual newspaper.


They’re also the only major newspaper who still charges customers to read their articles, so their subscription demonstrates that you would like to stay dedicated to them, although same events are covered on other free engines. People love the style of NY Time’s articles and have favorite authors, so they do want to continue reading it. I heard a conversation of two aspiring journalists on our campus: ‘I will pay for the NYT Subscription once I graduate and have a job,’ so the subscription means more than just an access to articles. It is in a way a sign of intelligence and success if you are willing to stay with NYT. 


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