Pinky’s cupcakes (or any cupcakes…) #DEvdokimova

by post_author

Pinky'sWould anyone ever want to consume 5 teaspoons of sugar and about as much fat all together? Surprisingly, virtually everyone. I often wonder what part of human obsession with sweets and desserts come from the fact that they are designed to look desirable.


Pinky’s cupcakery in San Francisco is a typical example of an enterprise that makes bakery look delicious although it’s so bad nutritionally. It’s such a complicated subject: desirability of unhealthy foods, I think the large part of it is reverse psychology: we know they’re bad that’s why they’re so appealing. Nevertheless, the fact that sweet treats are always displayed in the most conspicuous way, be it a window in a shop or a package cover, demonstrates that their looks make a large impact on our decisions. 


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