Google Chrome #DEvdokimova

by post_author

It used to be that only techy geeks used to worry about the browser they’re on but now this concern has become universal. There’s just something about the moment when someone I know opens Safari that makes me wonder: ‘Does he know what he’s doing?’ Personally, I automatically assume that this person just hasn’t done any research and is unaware of the fact  that there are other ways to surf the web, faster and safer. It doesn’t cross my mind that one could try other browsers and settle for Safari afterwards.

Safari is much slower and opening a tab is not as painless as in Chrome. In Safari’s drop down menu, opening a new window comes before opening a new tab, which seems to be such a miniscule detail but it can becomes a nuisance when you’ve tried other browsers. Chrome has a more simplistic interface and processes pages much faster. ‘Making people feel that technology disappears altogether’ is Square’s motto but I think it is applicable in this case as well.


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