Products Designed for Desirability

by post_author


Legos are a desirable product because they have so many forms and uses. Legos come in various styles and colors, so they can illustrate various themes. They can be used to model people in interior spaces or create a battle scene. Legos are also very easy to use because their form reflects their function. It is easy to see how the holes and round protrusions fit together; no need for a instruction manual. They have a uniform interlocking system, so you can mix and match a variety of pieces.

Command hooks

These hooks are accessible and easy to use. They are very cheap and solve a practical problem of needing a place to hang your belongings. The hooks are also marketed as a way to help you customize your space. They are offered in a variety of colors and finishes, and since they are small you can place them virtually anywhere in your home. They are also easy to place and remove at will, which gives you the power to control exactly where and when you want the hooks.


Swinging lid trash cans

Trash cans with a lid that swings freely allows for the user to get the trash into the can without having to touch the lid. If the lid requires pressure to be pushed, the user cannot simply nudge the top with the discarded item, as they can with this trash can. The can also provides for the garbage to be covered. This way the can traps odor, and keeps the waste contained.


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