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Welcome to the Design Survivor tumblr!  This is going to be our communication hub for assignments, readings and announcements, as well as a place for you to post your work, look and ask for help, and find information about class events and Reveals.  All posts will be tagged to make it easy for you to find specific information.  Here are some of the tags you’ll be seeing:

#Announcements – announcement

#Assignments – do these

#AssignedReadings – read these

#Help – Ask for help!

#Interesting – articles or anything else interesting that we may come across and want to share!

#Reveals – what you need to know about upcoming Reveals, like what to expect, who will be there, etc…

#SuggestedReadings – read these (if you want)

#TeamDesign – any general information posted by the Design Survivor teaching staff

#Tips – design tips, software tips

#Workshops – information regarding workshops

All of you will be just as active on this tumblr as we will.  You will be using it to submit assignments, ask for help, post an article and more.  Just remember, every time you post you must TAG YOURSELF in it with the first letter of your first name followed by your last name.  So Professor Beth Altringer would tag her posts “#BAlt” so that she makes sure to give herself credit for the week’s assignment.  You wouldn’t want your hard work to go unnoticed by us.  For posts that aren’t assignment related, still tag your name and go ahead and use any other relevant tags, so if you’re posting for help, tag #Help, or if you’re posting an article, use #Interesting.

How to post:

It’s easy.  Just sign into your tumblr dashboard and click the relevant button above your feed.  If you’re posting text or an assignment, click the “Text” button, if you’re submitting a link, use the “Link” button…you get the picture.  

To tag, type the name of the tag you want to use in the box below the entry field for whatever you’re posting and press enter.  It will automatically add a hashtag before the tag, but you can type the hashtag yourself as well.  Just make sure that you tag it with our tagging conventions so that everything is properly organized.

Happy posting!

ES22 Teaching Staff


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