Now, novel coronavirus panic buyers are snatching up … toilet paper? Toilet papers have been flying off the shelves as the public’s anxiety about the outbreak continues to drive so-called “panic buying.” This situation is ripping off the basic resources from the elderly, who are more vulnerable at the greatest risk from the novel coronavirus. Some grocery stores have offered ‘elderly hours’ to protect them from the exposure of the virus and ensure the availability of essentials to them. The game ‘TP Battleground’ is meant to raise the awareness of the public about this ‘elderly’ issue while casting a little irony on this panic buying phenomenon.

‘TP Battleground’ is a side-scrolling game featuring 2D retro-style graphics, which features elements such as the toilet paper, the coronavirus, the panic buyers, the elderly, and the trash, etc. The Player will play as a toilet paper that floats in the mid-air to avoid the “attack” from coronavirus in the air, the panic buyers on the ground, and some other possible obstacles. Once the player touches any of these obstacles, the game will end. The final goal of the game is to reach the elderly at the end. The game consists of different degrees of difficulty levels from easy to hard. The game demo shown here is the easiest level, and we are imagining the harder level to incorporate more obstacle elements such as trash objects or the moving obstacles that add to the unpredictability of the game. 

By simply clicking the mouse or press the key up and down, the “battle” will start and you, as the player is acting as a toilet paper to escape from the pandemic buyers and the coronavirus.

Here is the situation when you are encountering the virus.

If you got contact with any of the elements including the virus and the pandemic buyer, you will lose the game

You will win the game when you finally meet the elderly. This is just the easiest level of the game sets and higher level games will have more features including trash, moving coronavirus and pandemic buyers, and variable speeds.