I promise this isn’t a joke. I actually love Tide Pods. Despite the meme (google “Tide Pods Challenge” if you’re unfamiliar), I feel confident in claiming that this product has measurably improved my life. I’ve gone through a variety of laundry situations. From having to scoop the powder detergent that my mom used to buy to pouring thick blue liquid into lids that inevitably spill everywhere, I also experienced my share of frustrations with doing laundry. I don’t think anyone likes doing laundry. Sure, we all like clean clothes but the process of doing laundry is undesirable. That’s until Tide Pods came on the scene. I’m kidding, sort of. Tide Pods have made doing laundry slightly less irritating. After I’m shoving all of my clothes in the drum, I no longer need to measure anything or try to balance any liquids. I just pop one or two pods in and I’m off on my way. I’m partial to the “free & gentle” version that makes your clothes less itchy. In regards to the Tide Pop Challenge, I don’t think they look particularly appetizing but I do like how they feel in my hands.