Sorbet, sometimes known as the lactose intolerant man’s ‘ice cream,’ is thought to have first emerged within Asian cultures around 3000 BC in the form of crushed ice mixed with flavorings. This trend made its way through Egypt around 500 years later as a hospitable offering to the Pharaohs’ visitors, and then, as many centuries went by, sorbet came about in Italy (which historians believe was due to Marco Polo’s transfer of Eastern practices to Italy after his travels). During the 1500’s, sorbet was mainly concocted of snow from caves and lemons, wine, or other fruits. In fact, one can still see the manmade caves used to store icy snow and lemons in the mountains around Sorrento. Throughout the next century, sorbet transitioned from an indulgence only fit for nobility to an affordable street treat for all to enjoy. Sorbet brings me pure joy as I reflect on the deliciousness that can come from such a simple composition of ingredients. I have a welcoming and relaxed attitude toward sorbet; since it lacks the heavy cream and eggs of regular ice cream, I’m much more forgiving to myself for indulging. Finally, sorbet impressively upholds three main values that I strive toward in my own life: simplicity, minimalism, and versatility.