Ensaïmadas are a pastry from Mallorca, Spain. The Mallorcan ensaïmada is considered so unique and special that the Spanish government awarded it Protected Geographical Indication status. This pastry is also found in former Spanish territories in Latin America and the Philippines. Ensaïmadas date back many centuries, but precisely just how many is unknown. The first written references to the ensaïmada de Mallorca date back to the 17th century. The ensaïmada de Mallorca is made with coiled, lardy fermented dough composed of flour, water, sugar, eggs and reduced pork lard named saïm. Ensaïmadas range from baker to baker due to their handmade character, so it is difficult to give an exact formula. When baked, the outside becomes a wonderful golden brown and slightly firm yet flaky, while the inside is soft, fluffy, airy, and quite frankly- dreamy. Ensaïmadas remind me of my grandparents in Spain. When I visit, my grandma always buys them from her local baker, and every bite brings you a step closer to heaven (seriously!) Ensaïmadas to me embody valuable family time and my Spanish heritage and roots.