I’ve played recreational golf for quite a while now, getting lessons when I was about 10 years old and playing numerous rounds with my uncles in India on military golf courses, but the thing that I still find so fascinating is the shape of the ball itself. With its multitude of divots, the ball is very satisfying to hold, and it even has a bit of weight to it that one may not initially anticipate. I find the amount of research into fluid dynamics and aerodynamics during the development of the modern day golf ball to be incredibly interesting, because with this specific product, these kinds of scientific tests are the only way of physically improving the performance of the golf ball. I think I appreciate the fact that there exist different spheres of design: one could be designing for emotion and decide to add certain elements, but someone else may be designing the same item for practicality and focus on completely different aspects of the same basic object, and while I originally viewed design as being more of an aesthetic endeavor, I’ve come to see that it incorporates many more fields.