When I first head of Nike’s Flywire, it was when the original Nike Hyperdunk was released ten years ago. Then, and still now, I find the technology incredibly interested. Sparked by our visit to AFFOA, I was inspired to learn more about Nike’s Flywire and what it really is. The design inspiration for the tech comes from suspension cables. Flywire is essentially comprised of thin fabric that is supported by filaments that function like suspension cables and add a drastic amount of support and durability. I find this to be an incredibly innovative way of going about the design problem and see it as a highly successful instance of a “less is more” approach. Since the original Hyperdunk came out ten years ago, Flywire has been implemented on a variety of Nike shoe models, including running shoes, walking shoes, and soccer shoes. I’d be very interested to see where else the lightweight technology could go beyond footwear and imagine there are many use cases that are yet to be tested.