There was a point this year when I was shocked because I realized that Apple had somehow taken over my technological life. My computer, my phone, my tablet that I use for note taking. All of them are by Apple. And these products are definitely not the cheapest on the market, so it made me wonder how I got to this point. One factor is that Apple products sync so nicely with each other. Especially with the addition of airdrop, it’s so easy to switch between devices, which is extremely helpful as a college student on the go. Another factor is that even though Apple products are not necessarily the best on the market in terms of their technology, the customer service is incredible. I know that when I go to an Apple store, that the employees will do everything they can to help me. Also, the sleek design of the products and applications make Apple hard to resist. Along with their exceptional antivirus software, as someone who gets giddy over the small details, these definitely stack up.