3Doodler makes 3D printing pens. I remember seeing the original 3Doodler on Kickstarter a few years ago. Since then, the product has grown massively and even comes in three different models, each for varying types of users. What I find most desirable about this product is that it makes 3D printing accessible through design. For many, the idea of 3D printing is still something new and not well-understood. Few people actually own 3D printers, and not many people know how to use them. The initial iteration of the 3Doodler wasn’t perfect. I’ve read several reviews complaining of its quality and also had troubles with the one I was using. Though, it seems the product has changed since then, and is looking to be a staple tool in classrooms, targeting education as one of its main focuses. I think this is a very interesting application of the technology and a much-needed area for a 3D printing pen. In letting kids take their creativity off the page and into the air, they’ll be able to far exceed what a crayon or marker can do in helping them express themselves. On the professional side, I also see the high-end version of the 3Doodler to be both useful and desirable, particularly in the rapid prototyping process. I wouldn’t be surprised if firms that focus on design thinking start using 3Doodlers as key tools in their processes- after all, they’re no strangers to markers and crayons.