In our new product we have decided to use a GPS sensor instead of proximity sensor because GPS sensor can detect location from a farther distance which is more helpful for widening out potential market to more than just couples. To the hat, we added a thermochromic puff to top (changes color when GPS sensor is activated). This is helpful for individuals using the hat without a registered pair: the color changes signals proximity with other users, whether they be strangers or acquaintances. Moreover, we updated Arduino Code for use with the GPS sensor, so we took out proximity sensor code and put in code to make the GPS sensor work in the circuit. Lastly, we did more market research and decided that the Chat Hat would be most compelling if it had has three different use-cases: group, pair, and individual. We realized that the hat is be helpful in a variety of relationship types, so we decided to split of the market into three distinct groups. Each group will use the hat in a slightly different manner.