While fashion is often considered an unfathomable space, it truly astonishes me how designer/ DJ/ creative director Virgil Abloh has brought the brand Off-White to the forefront of not only streetwear but also the greater fashion industry in the last couple of years. His influence in fashion seems almost omnipotent today with celebrities flaunting avant-garde Off-White garments at galas, other luxury brands requesting collaborations with Off-White, and Virgil Abloh recently being appointed as Louis Vuitton’s new creative director. Very unconventional for a brand that is so highly desired and recognized, the brand does not have a logo but is rather known for its trademark stripes on products or quotation marks emphasizing words that served as the very inspiration for a product. Interestingly, the name Off-White comes from Abloh’s desire to “define the grey area between white and black,” producing clothes that is fashion-forward but unique at the same time. As someone who is interested in pursuing a profession in the consumer product space, I am truly fascinated by Abloh’s unique philosophies as a designer and Off-White’s unconventional branding methods.