There are hundreds of lip products out there, and yet I was continuously searching for a better one until I came across YSL’s lip stain. Its black sleek design with gold engraved logo sets apart YSL products, giving off a more luxury atmosphere than any other brands. If I give 10 out of 10 for the design, I would have to give 11 out of 10 for its quality. YSL not only offers numerous shades that makes it hard not to find the right shade for oneself, but also lasts on the lips for a surprisingly long hours. Once I put on the lip gloss, I don’t have to reapply it for at least another five hours, whereas with other lip products, I would normally reapply them every hour or so. YSL lip products also come out in a number of lines, each offering different textures and finishes. For example, the Tatouage Couture Liquid gives a matte finish that lasts for 12 hours, while the Pop Water applies very lightly on the lips that it doesn’t make you feel you are wearing any lip product. With its broad range of products, one can wear YSL lip products on any occasion, and that’s why I always carry it around with me anywhere I go.