I first bought a Timbuk2 Sprie backpack before heading off for a camping trip in the forest. I remember the salesman in the Timbuk2 store telling me that these bags are built to last, a few years later I’ve seen firsthand that he was telling the truth. I’ve taken mine to many countries and on many flights, I have thrown it around a ton of times, and have even used it as a daily backpack. In a few years, all this wear and tear has amounted to just a couple of scratches. The bag has a few pockets. The main one is basically a big rectangular box with a laptop sleeve. I’m quite fond of this setup because it’s versatile and can be used for anything- clothing, books, etc. There’s also a secret pocket on the inside of this main one that’s great for holding passports, phones and wallets. Additionally, there’s a frontal pocket, which I mainly to store stationery items. The one thing that may be less desirable is the way the bag closes. Instead of a traditional zipper, the bag uses a buckle-and-loop system. This can be annoying on the day-to-day, though it’s also great when I need to stuff in items for a trip that will last a few days, and makes it tougher for a passerby to open the bag and take items from it.