The Converse Golf le Fleur was originally released in late 2017 as a collaboration between Converse and musician, Tyler the Creator. The shoe is an iteration of the Converse One Star shoe, the main difference being that the Golf le Fleur has an 80’s inspired flower in place of the Converse One Star logo. The shoe allows its owners to affiliate with an artist they may enjoy, and is somewhat of a limited release, though what I believe makes it most desirable, is this notion of an exotic twist on something common and uniform. Because the more typical version of this design, the One Star, is so commonplace, the Golf Le Fleur occupies a unique identity of being recognizable for its general identity- a converse shoe, but piques interest for the unexpected flower design. It’s a more modern take on a classic shoe, and thus those who wear it present themselves as “normal” yet eccentric.