Think about Harvard’s campus…then think of Disneyland. Where would you rather be? Designed to look like a mix between Disneyland and downtown Palo Alto, Facebook’s campus is fully encompassing, truly embodying a land in which you would never have to (or want to) leave. With the help of two Disney design consultants, this campus is a fruitful town with free restaurants and cafeterias, fun and iconic architecture, free vending machines, health centers, barbers, music studios, an arcade, a bank, as well as laundry and dry cleaning. Perhaps what I treasure most, however, is the way these structures welcome human interaction. Walls crave to be filled with scrambled thoughts and typographic mottos, and treadmill desks encourage employees to walk off the Facebook 15. Workspaces are often designed to optimize work, but Facebook has created a space that optimizes happiness and nourishment.