Headspace is a meditation app that provides guided meditations to beginning meditators. Headspace was founded in May 2010, by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson. Puddicombe is a former Buddhist monk and Pierson has a background in marketing. The app is set up so that users complete one session of meditation every day for ten days. After ten days a series is completed. Currently there are six series for users to complete: Foundation, Sport, Health, Relationships, Performance, and Headspace Pro. Each series after the introductory series has different categories and meditation tasks for you to complete. Users are not able to preview other categories’ sessions until they have “unlocked them” by completing the sessions up to that point. Additionally, the app offers single meditation sessions for users to do on-the-go when they don’t have time to complete a full sessions. Meditation has been shown time and again to be beneficial to personal well-being and productivity, so the app, with its convenient guided meditations and encouraging layout, is perfect for the modern busy professional.