This is hot chocolate I bought from Burdick – the chocolate store. It is definitely the most expensive hot chocolate I have purchased. I had high expectations for the drink – I mean who wouldn’t once they’ve paid $8 for a small. The drink itself was not really my style – it really was just melted chocolate – extremely thick and hard to down. The richness did not even feel creamy, it felt more dry, and less sweet than I had anticipated. It’s interesting because the price point of the purchase was so high, it almost felt more like my problem that I didn’t enjoy the drink, rather than the drink itself. Price levels definitely factor into the desirability of objects. Perhaps we can call this taste preference, and this host chocolate simply was not meant for me, however the packaging of the drink was also a letdown. The cup itself should speak for itself in terms of the luxury of the product (which this cup does not). Perhaps there should have been more emphasis on the locally sourced aspect of the drink to mitigate unpleasant the taste of the drink itself.