I have always hated that I don’t always have the best posture. I notice when I catch a glimpse of myself, that it changes how I appear to others and how I present myself. I notice in other when they slouch often, and only then am I reminded of my own poor posture. The problem is not that I do not know how to stand or sit with the correct posture, but simply that I forget to do so. And this problem is exactly what the Lumo Lift addresses and corrects. The Lumo Lift is a small device with a magnetic tab that attached neat the collar bone (to a bra strap or tshirt). When you put it on you set it to your “target posture”. After that, it is preset to a time interval, and if you are outside of your target posture for that given time interval, the device simply buzzes as a reminder to stand straight. It is a brilliant design since it addresses the desires of the user without interfering with ones day to day activities. It doesnt force one to stand straight, it simply reminds you when you are slouching, and since it is all self controlled- it is a very effective product.