I know what you might be thinking, “It’s just a pen”. I’d like to argue that it’s more than just a pen. As paper is more than just paper, like college ruled paper is more than with thinner lines. As a moleskine is more than just a notebook and a my pair of Supergas are more than just stylish shoes. The fine point of a G2 is the perfect balance between inky and scratchy. Any less than 0.38 is too think, and more may create a blob. The thoughtfulness to hone in on the 0.38, not a 0.37 or a 0.40, sheds like on how precise the pen making industry could be if all behaved like Pilot. As the pen glides smoothly on my notebook, really highlighting my penmanship and sharp corners and round edges, it creates a satisfaction like no other. The clean transparent middle creates a glass visual, putting it above the cheap plastic pens. The noticeably sturdy spring creates the most solid “click” and the smooth grip is just smooth enough to not catch the crumbs from your backpack. There’s a difference between the Pilot G-2 0.38 and a pen. One creates an experience; the other doesn’t.