Any self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur like myself would agree that Philadephia-based coffee roaster La Colombe’s draft lattes are the best iced lattes currently available in the market. To me, a perfect iced latte must encapsulate the original richness of the espresso within the smooth and creamy texture of well-frothed milk. As done in Starbucks and most franchise coffee shops, simply pouring cold milk into a shot of espresso takes away from the full potential of an amazing latte. Understanding this desire for a rich iced latte comprising of undiluted cold-pressed espresso and creamy, foamy milk, La Colombe recently developed and has become known for their signature draft latte. The draft latte, which is poured from tap like fresh foamy beer, is cold, silky, yet rich in flavor. La Colombe’s draft latte has gained so much popularity among coffeeholics that the company has released a line of signature draft lattes with multiple flavors in specially designed cans that are available for purchase at retail stores like Whole Foods. This has been a game changer for me as my fridge is now always fully stocked with rich and frothy iced latte that I can enjoy at any time of the day.