I’m taking Prof. David Edward’s class this semester, which is held in his Kendall Sq. restaurant, Cafe ArtScience, and one of the walls of the Cafe is devoted to David’s newest products. One of the first ones that caught my eyes was the Whaf, what David describes as a “sensory cloud carafe”, that allows its users to make liquids in aromatic clouds that can float over dishes and over tables to add a new level to the eating experience. I think that this is such a cool product, and I agree with David that the olfactory sense is one of the least exploited in design. I think that scent will play an increasing role in product design going forward, and I’m excited to see the future of the Whaf, which literally creates new layers in dining out. In terms of aesthetics, I also think that the Whaf is just a beautiful object, with its billowing fog and its glass carafe-mouth, and slight angle. It’s a cross between futuristic and old-school.