RX bars are everywhere now. Like many others, I’ve found them to be the perfect snack in between meals. They achieve a rare combination of tasting good while containing simple and healthy ingredients. And thanks to their minimalist packaging, they stand out among the many rows of protein and other health bars at grocery stores and pharmacies. This distinction underscores how RX got its start back in 2013. Its founders worked tirelessly in their kitchen to make a protein bar that was more nutritious than what was being sold. Underlying RX bars’ simple set of ingredients, 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews and 2 dates, plus other natural flavorings, is a very intense production process – for instance, the founders tested over 250 different flavor combinations for their coconut chocolate bar before arriving at one they thought was fit to distribute. Each ingredient serves a meaningful purpose – egg whites provide protein, nuts are for texture and the dates serve as a binding agent. RX recently launched the chocolate pack and it will be exciting to see what new flavors they come out with next!