In light of my last post, I wanted to highlight a house that I’m less keen on. It’s conceptually really cool, and I love the modern furniture, natural light, and open layout of the main living area. To minimize its ground footprint and maximize the views of the surrounding Catskill Mountains, this house flips a traditional house structure (bedrooms off of hallways) on it’s side, so that the bedrooms stack vertically, and the living room and kitchen protrude horizontally from up top. Unlike the New Zealand house, though, this one clashes heavily with its surroundings. The house’s top-heavy structure and bright yellow staircase (visible from outside) looks unlike anything found in nature. It’s a statement rather than an integration, which I think comes down to the preference of the owner. But if it were me, I’d love to see this house in some industrial neighborhood of Seattle rather than on a desolate New York hillside.