Nintendo’s newest generation of video game console brings a complete revolution to the game. The Switch is a hybrid console, combing both a home system complete with 1080p HDMI output and a handheld mobile gaming device. To go from handheld to your big-screen, you simply slide the console into the dock which handles all of the HDMI output and also charges the device. In handheld mode, the Switch has a relatively massive 6.2-inch diagonal screen (for context, iPhone 8’s are 4.7 inches diagonal which is almost 40% smaller in terms of screen area). Before the Switch, every iteration of portable consoles like the Playstation Portable were not able to run the full home-console version of games and limited gameplay or required watered down graphics. Instead the Switch has full AAA titles that you can take with you anywhere. The controller design is also unique in that each controller is composed of two connectable halves. For many party games like Mario Kart, each half of a controller can be used by a single player allowing for double the friends to get in on the fun. These are just a few reasons why the Switch is now the fastest selling console ever in both the United States and Japan.