Tablets and iPads are extremely common these days: little kids use it (and break it) all the time; cashiers on food trucks also rely on it; so many students use it to take notes and so on. However, in 2010, when Steve Jobs showed it to the world it was a truly revolutionary and controversial design. The bulky curves and the simple huge piece of glass made the world wonder: what is this for? Even David Letterman, on his show, made a long piece on how it didn’t really serve for anything: When I first got this product, I was one of those people waiting in line, I truly understood what was the product was about: freedom. The OS of this product worked so well with the big gestures, making everything so self explanatory. It was easy to hold and it had no right way to do so. Yet, it was classy, light and modern. Years of usage may have turned the iPad in just another ordinary product; nevertheless I will aways remember of the time when no one really knew what it was for.