Thin or thick, cheesy or tomatoe-y, warm or sizzling or cold? Pizza can be made in a variety of different ways. For years, I’ve always known I loved pizza, yet I really didn’t know what I liked about pizza. But, today I do. From Otto’s, to Noch’s, to Dominos, I tested my top three go-tos for a slice of pizza. Otto’s, your new york style, thin hot pizza. Noch’s, your thick, douchy, and square slice pizza. And the classic dominos, where you really just want pizza but too lazy to step out of bed. Putting it to the test, I learned more about my preferences towards pizza. 1. Thin pizza is better. I taste the cheese more, and boy do I love cheese. (Thanks, Otto) 2. The shape definitely matters. The fact that I cant bit into the center tail of the triangle is an experience. Biting into a square isn’t as satisfying. (Thanks, Otto) 3. Who knew there was such thing as “chunks” of tomato. I found I like my tomato sauce spread evenly. (Thanks, Noch’s) 4. Not a big fan of oily pizza (Sorry, Dominos). Pizza is already not the healthiest option, grease makes me feel worse about my dietary choice. 5. I love garlic crust. Plain crust is just … plain. (Thanks Dominos) My next pizza order: thin slice, triangular, cheesy cheese, even tomato sauce, and not too oily.